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Made In Belgium
Gourmet Ingredients
Pure Cacao Flavour

The “Chocolade Ambassade” believes Belgian artisanal chocolate is like no other chocolate in the world. Therefore, we have brought together the greatest Belgian chocolatiers under one roof. Each one of them with their own signature style and unique story for you to discover. All representing the values of the “Chocolade Ambassade”, guaranteeing the highest quality in every bite.


We are very proud to say that all our chocolate is made in Belgium. Chocolate making is a long-standing tradition in Belgium where skills and knowledge have been handed over from generation to generation. For Belgians, chocolate is more than just food, it is a large part of our culture and identity.  Chocolate equals to home, family, and good memories. 

We are truly honoured and grateful to continue this long tradition.  As we are very proud of our roots, our logo represents the typical “step” roof of a Flemish house. This is a reference to the historical guild houses, where craftsman used to pledge to meet the highest quality standards.

Chocolate Cacao Handcrafted


The most important ingredient of our chocolate is, without a doubt, the passion of our chocolatiers. Honestly, we are still overwhelmed every day by their endless knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm.  They have dedicated their life to finding chocolate perfection and have been rewarded many prizes for it. Handcrafted chocolate is as unique and special as the character of each of our chocolatiers.

Handcrafted Belgian chocolate pralines


Our chocolate is made from the finest cacao beans. Our chocolatiers carefully select other high-quality ingredients to match the flavour of the cacao.They spare no time nor effort to find the best of the best. Fresh milk, butter, nuts, herbs, and spices create premium chocolates with unforgettable flavours.

handcrafted belgian chocolate strong cacao flavour


Cacao is the result of a beautiful collaboration between nature and humans. It is not only known for its incredible taste but also for its many health benefits. We like to highlight and celebrate the complex flavour of cacao by having a high cacao percentage in our chocolate and limiting the amount sugar as much as possible. This is how you can savour chocolate in its most pure and natural form.

However, our commitment to cacao goes further than just pure chocolate. We believe cacao in itself is an incredibly versatile product and the key to a more sustainable chocolate industry. For this reason, we offer different cacao products for you to explore.