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Sustainable chocolate is...


All about cacao

Our sustainability approach specifically focuses on reducing cacao waste. What does cacao waste mean exactly? Well, in traditional chocolate making a whopping 75% of the cacao pod gets thrown away. Often, only the beans, which make up about 25%, are being used.Quite literally, what a waste!

Not a by-product

The Chocolade Ambassade wants to create a win-win situation by using as much of the cacao pod as possible. In this way, the hard work of the farmers is more appreciated as consumers get to try everything cacao has to offer, which is truly a lot. Some of the things available in our shop to reduce cacao waste are cacao tea, cacao paper boxes, and cacao fruit drinks.

Some might label all the above as by-products of the chocolate industry. However, the term by-product implies being less (important) than the “real” product, in this case, chocolate. This perception must change. We are convinced that all things cacao are equally delightful as chocolate. Not to mention, cacao is a true superfood!

As a small independent business, it is not always easy to make a significant impact. We understand that the things we do sometimes resemble droplets in a vast ocean. We do not possess the bargaining power to transform the entire chocolate industry. However, we believe our customers have that power. You have.

As chocolate ambassadors, we strive to raise awareness about how the chocolate industry operates so consumers can make informed choices about what to buy. Sustainable chocolate is complex as it involves many stakeholders & processes. It encompasses fair prices for cacao farmers, taking a stand against child labour and slavery, combating climate change and deforestation, improving chocolate processes through innovation & research, minimizing waste…

Towards a sustainable
chocolate shop

Many incredible individuals are making even more incredible strides toward a more sustainable chocolate future. We draw inspiration from them every day. The chocolatiers we collaborate with are amongst those people. They genuinely care about cacao. Some even engage in (semi) direct trade with the farms to not only have greater control over the quality but also to ensure that the cacao is cultivated under the right conditions and that a fair price is being paid.

We acknowledge that we still have a long journey ahead, but step by step we aspire to create a truly sustainable chocolate shop.

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*the cacao fruit is partly used for the fermentation of the beans