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The Chocolade Ambassade (Chocolate Embassy) offers a unique Belgian chocolate experience, where quality is at its heart. When you step inside our doors, we like to fully immerse you in the world of chocolate & cacao. As chocolate ambassadors we love to tell the story behind Belgian chocolate…

In our shop you will find the finest artisanal chocolates from four different top Belgian chocolatiers (chocolate makers), who together represent the highest quality of Belgian chocolate: from a 90-year-old family atelier creating traditional chocolate to a new generation of chocolate makers roasting their own cacao beans and creating adventurous flavours! Come have a look and explore which style of Belgian chocolate fits you best…

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At our shop in the heart of Ghent, we invite you to discover the craftsmanship of Belgian chocolate by joining us for different experiences. Whether you are looking for a unique gift or a personal treat, we take the time to answer all your chocolate questions. Enjoy an indulgent chocolate moment on our terrace, where our mini chocolate tasting and unique cacao drinks will satisfy any sweet craving. If you are interested in becoming a true Belgian chocolate connoisseur, why not join us for our private chocolate tasting: an unforgettable experience where you will uncover all the secrets behind the creation of exceptional chocolate.

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“After 2 years of intensive tasting we found the most outstanding chocolatiers in Belgium”.

We are Dorien & Xiao, a couple in love with chocolate and cacao. Our passion started years ago when we tried some artisanal chocolate and were amazed by the quality.  Since then, we have tried chocolates from over 100 chocolatiers in Belgium. We were invited into their ateliers, where we were greeted by not only the smell of melted chocolate but also the contagious passion of true craftsmanship. We were surprised by the complexity, knowledge, and effort it takes to create just a small piece of chocolate. This is exactly why we founded the “Chocolade Ambassade” to show how incredible Belgian artisanal chocolate truly is.  Today we are honoured to work with our four favourite chocolatiers, each one of them with their own story and speciality for you to discover.

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